Positive Students

 Through positive psychology, coaching, mentoring and editorial and sparring support, my clients:

Improve their study skills

Balance work-life-study

Achieve better grades

Maintain or improve their well-being 

Reach their goals

Set plans for life after study


Studying when you are an adult is not the same as studying as a child. Motivation, drive, circumstances and other factors, are very different.

The journey often becomes one of balance.  Studying brings new knowledge and opportunities to our lives.  It can also bring challenges:  new skills, pressure to achieve and pass assignments and exams whilst also balancing work, life and study.  To be the best student possible you need to be your best person possible. 

I work with clients to ensure they have the best student experience possible.  We achieve this by ensuring your wellbeing is maintained and improved, that you are on track to your goals and also by enabling you to improve your grades and performance. This is done through online sessions we tailor together to your needs.  Balancing what you need most from: coaching, mentoring, sparring or editorial support. 




Option 1:    Join my facebook community.  Here we share with each other and I will also bring input and topics we can share our experiences on.

Options 2:  Group mentoring/coaching:  I hold monthly group coaching/support groups.  Focus of these is basics on being successful students.  We look at building some tools for you to use to navigate being a student.  Work-life-balance, learning style, study challenges and making them smaller - are all on the agenda.  More info is here.

Option 3:  Take my online course on being a successful student - coming soon 2020

Option 4:    One-to-One:  See here for all info.  

Hope to meet you soon!




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